Sunday, January 31, 2016

'Defensive Terrain' from PatG - 'All Wired Up'

As part of my job, I have to go through the records and administrative material of former employees and retirees to ensure any personal or other sensitive information gets disposed of properly. As is normal in the human condition, most collect a bewildering variety of office supplies, notebooks and bits of paper. We put what we can back in stock, recycle most and trash the rest.  It was during one of these triage sessions that I looked at a stack of spiral bound notebooks and it clicked. Rather than simply pulling out the wire binding, I unscrewed it and set it aside. Also in this batch were some old rulers that were not worth putting back into stock so they too were set aside. A bit of dowling, a bit of shaping, some ground cover and a little paint, and Voila! 28mm barbed wire for Chain of Command.

Slightly blurry closeup
The coils are actually a bit under scale for 25/28mm but the cost was 0 and it gives something for my Home Guard to hide behind.